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  1. To make you known to a targeted audience. When a person begins to be more aware of their emotions, they become more aware of their thoughts, more aware of their body, more aware of their diet, more aware of their activities,… and they look for addresses and recommendations on the resources that best suit them.
  2. To start a conversation with your clients
  3. To respond to notices with a direct message or public comment.
  4. To publish your photos and update your company information
  5. To make it easier to make an appointment or to participate in your courses and workshops
  6. To simplify the payment of your services
  7. To offer your services in exchange for other services
  8. To accompany your clients in a broader way than the consultation or the course
  9. To share some of your knowledge with the entire community present
  10. Because it’s a project of passion and the basic package is free for everyone. For more functionalities a modest price is to be paid

Just click on add data in the header menu, choose your main category, and fill in the fields. The required fields are marked with a red star.
If you have a facebook, yelp or tripadvisor page, you can just copy the link and the system will import a maximum data. Here a short video as how to import data

Just use Uncategorized, and we will update the category asap. Of course you can always send us a message to speed up the process.

If your business is listed, it’s because someone likes your business or event. Of course you can claim it, just prove it’s yours 🙂
If the official email address is referenced, the process will be automatic. Just click on claim my business, and follow the steps.

  • Start your conversation with your customers
  • Respond to reviews with a direct message or public comment.
  • Post your photos and update your business information
  • Upload photos
  • Add your website
  • Update your opening hours 
  • Your customers, clients, visitors searching for your business can easily find it.
  • If you’re listed here or thinking to be listed means your audience is our this community
  • It’s a project of love and the basic package is free for everyone. Pricing plans to come soon, but don’t worry, it will be extremely cheap !

No worries, just ask your questions in our forum, the most pertinent will arrive here  🙂

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